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San Pedro is a literal palimpsest, alternately razed and rebuilt by civics and punk, sandwiched between the Port of Los Angeles, the largest cargo gateway in North America (mainly exporting scrap) and Sunken City, site of a catastrophic 1929 mudslide that deposited most of the hillside’s exquisite bungalows into the Pacific to make room for tagging, trespassing, secret outdoor fucking, illicit performance, and late-night whispering over warm beers.

Blurring the Bull: Joshua Miler's Love and Boredom 17

Another painter once told me, “When you describe something, it dies.” As a writer this is not a pleasing sentence to hear. 

La Raza: A Powerful Vision of the Struggle for Chicano Rights - CNN Style

Chicano newspaper-turned-magazine La Raza served as a witness to and participant in this struggle for social justice in Los Angeles and beyond, with ground-breaking photography that married art, journalism and activism.

Critic's Pick: An Te Liu at Anat Ebgi - ArtForum

At the dawn of the next millennium (if our species makes it that far) landfills may reveal more about how we lived and what we valued than the holy trash of museums.

A Post-Industrial Snake in the Grass - ArtSlant Los Angeles

Throwing money at a problem doesn’t necessarily solve it—but artists have to eat, and that bromide is often employed by those who have more money than they’re willing to throw in the first place.

Love and Information: An Interview With Illustrator Adam Villacin - The Hundreds

Adam plays the liminal space between information and its methods of presentation, pulling the curtain back on knowledge-value while skirting the dull task of making a value judgement.

Double Booked – ArtForum

Visitors love to write off our peculiar cityscape with offhand references to Baudrillard’s hyperreality. But you were born here. Star Wagons and velvet ropes are as natural to you as aloe vera plants and buildings fringed with ice cream stucco. How does Los Angeles not play itself?

Dream Logic: an Interview With Aaron Elvis Jupin - The Hundreds

Cartoons and erotica have much in common—fantasy, desire, an adipose sense of volume.

Sterling Bartlett: Burst Into Color – The Hundreds

“Drawing, at its best, contains the seed of a refusal-to-be-sold.” The subtext of this declaration from the poet and cultural critic Wayne Koestenbaum contains the seed of a punk ethos—the refusal to sell out—that feels quaint and declassé in our current era of the hustle. But punk, like painting, has died a thousand deaths

Third Time’s a Charm – ArtForum

 “I am Daffy Duck. I cannot fill my holes. The best I can come up with is some sort of spiritual tampon.”

Bernhard Willhelm’s Happy Fashion Apocalypse – SmashBox studios

Some Inferences Regarding Wendy and Shoes – The Art Book Review

Tina’s hostility toward Wendy’s “art shit” stems from frustration over what to do with her excess cultural cache, the result of a job that rewards her taste but fails to provide the means to fulfill it

This Must Be the Place: Cayetano Ferrer's Art Bar - ArtSlant Los Angeles

Los Angeles guards her secrets jealously, which makes them all the more rewarding to discover. Knowing this, real-estate moguls, PR proxies, and other agents of entertainment often collude to erect elaborate decoys known as clubs.

“The Other Side of the Fair”: In Conversation With Samara Golden – ArtSlant NY

Building A Better Me: The Pain and Poetry of Digital Ownership – ArtPractical

A digital image can be as abandoned as any poorly cared-for object. When you unlike something on Tumblr, the heart icon that represents your former allegiance literally breaks—turns gray, fades away, and “dies.”

Cherry Picking the Religion Orchard: On Peter Clothier’s Slow Looking – The Art Book Review

Liz Cunningham’s Phonetics – The Art Book Review

Do You Suffer From Patriarchal Fatigue? – KCHUNGtv

Part of the FEMMERCIALZ project for KCHUNGtv at the 2014 Made in LA Biennial at the Hammer Museum

James Krone’s “Catsuit for Men” at Night Gallery – ArtSlant

Instagram’s New FOMO: Secondhand Shopping –

Mind the Gap: Between Art, Work, and Life – ArtSlant

Marsden Hartley: The German Pantings 1913-1915 at LACMA – ArtSlant

In a Marsden Hartley painting beats the dark heart of the twentieth century. 

Gang Related Paradise Motel: Why I Love Living in Victor Heights – The Bold Italic

By The Book – ArtForum

Azzedine Alaïa at Pallais Galliera, City of Paris Museum of Fashion – ArtForum

Show and Tell: Paris, Painting, and the Fashion Blog – ArtSlant

“Oh the Sleeping Bag Contains the Body But Not the Dreaming Head” at Altman Siegel – ArtSlant

i-D Designer Monograph Series: Rei Kawakubo – The Art Book Review

Don’t Let ’em See You Sweat: Notes on Work – ArtSlant

Lady Business: Hannah Wilke at Anglim Gilbert Gallery - ArtSlant SF

Sean Paul’s “A MOVEABLE FEAST PART II”at Campoli Presti – ArtSlant Paris

Let Them Eat Pop: On Andy Warhol for Target – ArtSlant

It Never Really Goes Away: An Interview With Daniel Clowes (pt 1) – ArtSlant

Checking in With Clowes (pt. 2) – VICE

Frances Stark at Mills College Art Museum – ArtSlant SF