I love nothing more than seeing the fruits of creative labor spread like kudzu across the cultural landscape. To that end, my editorial and production muscles are available on loan for a range of services. 

From copy writing and proofreading to structural editing and ideation—I can help your script/essay/cover letter/artist statement/press release/experimental chapbook/interactive hypertext-based durational performance come to life.  

I take on events and long term projects on a case-by-case basis, offering consultation and leveraging my vast network of contacts to connect you with resources and collaborators that I believe will be beneficial to each party.  GET AT ME for samples and rates.

Clients and collaborators include:

Southern California Institute of Architecture

The Eric Andre Show

Arts Research Cooperative

Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Paper Chase Press

Not a Cult Press

Basic Flowers

Moskowitz Bayse

Club Pro Los Angeles

Nicodim Gallery

Baker Skateboards

SmashBox Studios